Saturday, April 5, 2008

This Happens Every Day

i spend a lot of time with stephanie just sitting somewhere on campus talking about the different foods i like or the new comics i'm reading. she likes to talk about the oc and portland. so i like to wonder what would happen if one of these days, her dream guy came up to her and asked for the time. i don't like to matchmake my friends (awkward!!!) but with steph, it's gotten to the point where i really really am looking forward to her hopping onto that train of love. she really likes coffee, hence the coffee mug, so half-and-half just makes sense, right?


Lisa said...

this was really good. nice job, digs.

damapie said...

i'm gonna be soooo excited the day she meets mr. half-and-half. i think i'll pee in my pants