Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Drumline diaries

I will try to be brief from now on because that took way too long to vectorize! Lesson learned, Adobe.

Mr. Cloyd is awesome at just about anything. He plays soccer and other sports. He was probably one of those smart students that we were all jealous of. He knows how to play every instrument there is. Everyone likes him. He even knows some Japanese (so random)! So, I have to wonder what part of his head was bumped or injured as a child that he can't remember our names.

I feel like I should write more so that the text wrap-around that forces upon this entry doesn't look as weird. Hmm... (awkward silence)

Uh, so... how are you?

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Digsy said...

mr. cloyd still mixes us up. once he was like, "nope i don't remember when una cut her hair." then like 20 minutes later he's like, "oh my god, i was thinking about donna!"