Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's an Endless Battle Against Tangles

For this comic, I was searching through the internet to find funner fonts for the dialog. There were some funny ones like "i hate comic sans" and "indie star" (don't really know what that one means). But I just ended up copying the font from Una's comix. I think it's called "comic book." Fascinating.

I spent this weekend and home trying to write my personal statement for med school. Thus this comic was created in another amazing feat of procrastination. I'm feeling very on the fence about med school. Like literally, sitting on the fence (right Lisa?) I really just need to get over the desire to work at a Peet's coffee and be a barista for the rest of my adult life. But it sounds so fun!

Finally, when Chris visited Berkeley a few months ago, I found out he used conditioner and it was really weird because his hair is short. It's a normal boy length, but it's just pretty clear that he doesn't actually deal with the hair trauma most girls go through. Maybe he used to. And now he just really likes the way it makes his hair feel afterward. And who can argue with that?

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