Monday, March 22, 2010

Good News, Everyone!

I have been on a sort of hiatus partly from the busyness of life, partly from laziness, and partly from lack of confidence. But I have good news, everyone! Over the past year or so, I've been struggling to find my path since graduating college and I'm glad to announce my next move. Last year, I started reading James Kochalka's American Elf, a hilarious and touching daily diary comic by a great cartoonist, who also teaches at this school called The Center for Cartoon Studies. So as I would read his strips about teaching at the school, I would think, "There is a school for making comics? Who the heck kind of person goes to a cartooning school?" And so I did my research, and got this crazy feeling that this school was perfect for me. I spent last summer laboriously working on my portfolio and my application, cartooning with a fervor I had never experience before. I turned in my application packet back in September, and I am happy/proud/relieved to say that I will be matriculating with the CCS class of 2012!

So, I wanted to share the 6 page comic I made for part of my application. The only guidelines were to create a minicomic of at least 2 pages including a robot, yourself, a snowman, and a piece of fruit (characters may be combined). Here you go:

Hope you guys enjoyed it and forgive me for the severe lack of Cuddleboobs. Let me know if you want a hard copy, and I'll print one out specially for you. Also, feel free to check out the porfolio I managed to put together for my application: Come visit me in Vermont!