Monday, April 7, 2008

Love is = ?

back in high school, i did a lot of dumb things. the kind that you can't think back on without cringing or wanting to smack me in the head (you all did as well! i know it!). when i got to college, surprise, this trend continued and i did more things like getting kicked out of switchfoot concerts and denting cars. usually in the same day. it baffled me how much grace i felt from my parents regarding these things. they'd look at me as i'd pathetically cry, "i only want to make you proud of me!" and say things like, "i am proud of you! but you're not allowed to hang out with abraham anymore!"

ahh. so those were the days. i talked about it with rachel and una once. rachel's the horse, btdubs. she's the only one in color bc she has red hair-ish and i was trying to personalize the character. otherwise the only thing i'd be able to justify her character with is that she likes animals. my only regret is that horsies take forever to draw. hooray for flash! (it's my first time guys! lo esta mia primera vez).

well, it appears as though rachel the two-legged horse is too creepy to exist on the internet. and so i had to add all these extra legs to appease the people. (jerkface chris!) it was my first time!@#$!


Lisa said...

okay, yeah, so i totally saw those partial horses scribbled on your daily cal, and you totally said to me, "heh, i'm practicing", and i totally didn't ask more. and here they are. totally. oh, digs.

Rachel said...

HAAAA haaaaaa. i love it. i love that my hair makes me look like a dragon or some variety of horse-lizard. good work. i like una the mouse. and your hair. it's perfect. perhaps, a little TOO perfect... xX