Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Among Other Things

This goes out to all the poor sad people out there who still have finals to take and are in the middle of cramming themselves to death. I hopes you are able to take pleasure in this delightful break of a comic.

I have a good friend at Cal named Cindy. She has been really close to my heart, ever since we bonded freshman year over our dearly departed Everwood. But she always bugged me for not putting up a comic about her. I don't know, she deserves the cuddleboob recognition, but I just couldn't think of the right cuddleboob for her. (I wonder how many times I can say cuddleboob in this post). Cuddleboobly, I warned her that the people featured in this blog are subject to the whims of the evil genius rulers of cuddleboob-dom. Prepare to be cuddleboobed. Fact.