Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Livin' Large

I'm starting to hate the airport less. I just wish I could sleep.

Staying with my sister was fun. Though, it looks like she lives in a broke down house and everything needs to be replaced. I'm going to write a letter to Jim Wallis:

Dear J-Dub,

Why you let yo' interns live in squalor?


I've also started talking like my sister. Skipping helper verbs and cussing like a sailor.


Aariel said...

Mm, bricolage at its finest =] it builds character!

Digsy said...
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damapie said...

hahaha you really were pooping!!

Lisa said...

hahaha. hilarious. loved your dc/airport posts. and can't believe the other was published! woohoo!

David E. Barta said...

yes, push for success!! Haha, that should be a T-Shirt!